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A picture is worth a thousand words.

This saying is a true reflection of our values, which is why we have more than 80 designers and other creative professionals, who can shape your ideas and translate them into different formats, whether digital or physical. We offer a wide range of creative services, including the production of final artwork. At Grabalfa we offer all our experience in design, pre-printing and printing through a highly qualified team of experts who will use modern tools and advanced techniques to make your dreams come true. We want to bring life to your projects and make your brand shine.

With the aim of contributing as much value as possible, we are researching constantly and implementing solutions that can automate the most repetitive pre-printing tasks. This allows us to prevent errors, streamline processes, spend as much time as necessary on specific tasks and, in short, provide you with an excellent product on time and according to specifications. As trusted partners, we take care of every detail, from including the last comma on a printing plate to obtaining the exact color you want. We also use our extensive experience to surprise you with innovative proposals in line with your needs. We will advise you on sizes, colors, fonts, formats and materials to impact the consumer. Together, we will analyze your goals and identify the best way to achieve them. As a result, you will send an unequivocal message to your market, accompanied by a product whose appearance is completely in line with your brand.


At Grabalfa we have first-hand knowledge of the ability of color to transmit sensations and the specific characteristics of the CMYK, RGB and LAB color spectrums, among others. We can thus select the most suitable option based on the printing format, your materials and the text they contain.

The aim is to provide an end product with the desired quality. Brands and printers can rely on our skilled work on color management and colorimetric analysis, a delicate process that allows us to harmonize colors. In addition, we are constantly researching the effects of color in new materials, with a view to offering you innovative alternative options that are suited to your company’s needs and will help you stand out as a revolutionary presence in your market.

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A heptachrome process is another good option when it comes to increasing productivity without sacrificing quality. EGP is a disruptive printing solution, one of the major advances in polychromatic printing technology, thanks to which we can achieve the required saturation in any color. The printing process is streamlined by using a series of standardized inks to achieve the desired color and, with this method, there is no need to change the ink configuration on the printing machine. Jobs can thus be lined up one after another, even if they have different color channels. It also enables us to offer shorter runs with more intense and livelier colors. And the best thing about it? The number of colors that we can achieve by applying this technique is practically unlimited!

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Over the years, we have perfected our work with the different printing systems available: digital printing, offset printing, flexography and gravure printing. As a result, our extensive experience enables us to offer you the right printing system to obtain an unbeatable result. We also know that the processing of files and images in the pre-printing stages is key to obtaining the desired outcome, regardless of the printing system chosen. So, why not ask us for more information?

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At Grabalfa we have been working with the aforementioned printing methods for years, and we will advise you on the most suitable method, considering its strengths and weaknesses and your requirements, so as to select the ideal solution for each case.

For example, EGP is recommended for projects where vivid color is essential. On the other hand, offset printing is a good option for projects with large print runs using non-flexible materials (paper). However, if you require short runs and cannot afford high set-up costs, digital printing may be the right choice for you. If respect for the environment is a critical factor for your company, we will most likely recommend flexography as the most suitable solution.

Whichever method you choose, Grabalfa’s teams of professionals will carry out as many color trials as necessary, once we have identified the best system for your needs.

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