Packaging Management

We have been managing packaging projects with customers from numerous sectors for over half a century and we are able to manage projects from conceptualization to production. Our team, which is highly qualified and certified in project management, offers turnkey projects and comprehensive technical advisory services, as well as specialized training.

Packaging projects bring together the expertise of many agents, from the marketing and procurement team to the printer and converter, plus legal services, marketing agencies and technical offices. Grabalfa helps you to coordinate all of them, guaranteeing brand consistency.

You can rely on our team’s extensive experience and know-how to create an infallible packaging.


GP - Connect

GP Connect is a digital platform for integrated packaging project management developed by Grabalfa to manage your brand from start to finish. Store your assets securely, manage everyone involved in the process, prioritize the development of your projects, use automated workflows and centralize all communications and documentation to work efficiently. By streamlining business processes, your team members will be able to focus on the really important tasks and respond to customer needs.

Discover the full potential of the most advanced software to perfectly control your digital assets and get the most out of them wherever you are.



Carrying out pre-printing processes correctly is crucial when manufacturing any product. At Grabalfa we have a team of pre-printing experts, with more than 50 years’ experience, who guarantee a top-quality project with a superlative end result, regardless of the printing technology and medium chosen. Using advanced techniques and with the benefit of our extensive experience, we guarantee excellence. We will come up with proposals based on your needs which will captivate consumers. Our main task throughout this process is to make your product stand out.


Digital Solutions

Are you aware of what 3D visualization and virtual mock-ups can do for you? These digital solutions allow you to give your key customers a preview of the benefits of your products, anticipate their acceptance by the market and make any necessary corrections at a modest cost. In addition, the dynamics of animated representations and the interactive use of augmented reality will keep your customers interested and looking forward to your next launches.
Make the leap to the digital world with truly effective and surprising solutions!


GRABALFA PRE-PRESS SOLUTIONS, S.L. in the framework of the ICEX Next Programme, has been supported by ICEX and co-financed by the European ERDF fund.
The aim of this project is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.


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